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How To Find Out If An SEO Service Is a Rip Off Or Not Sign. Using “Black Hat” SEO techniques SEO practitioners have a host of ways to achieve higher rankings for a site, but not all techniques are considered above board. Bending the generally accepted rules established by search engines is called “black hat” SEO. And while black hat SEO is not technically illegal, it is discouraged by search engines and can best seo company hurt your business in the long run. Some of the most common black hat SEO techniques include: Keyword Stuffing Cramming as many keywords as possible into the text of a web page, with no attempt to seo services india create useful information for a human reader.

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Long lists of keywords or randomly repeated keywords on a page are SEO no nos. Doorway Pages– Creating standalone, keywordheavy pages specifically to rank in search engine results, but that automatically redirect visitors to another destination. Invisible Text– Using white text on a white background to fool a search engine spider into ranking your page for terms that might not be relevant to the information on the rest of the page. Linking Schemes– Offering payment for inbound links, creating new sites solely to link back to a main site (known as link pyramids), or placing hundreds of inbound links on unrelated pages just to boost a specific page’s rank. Search engines can penalize websites that are found to be using black hat techniques, often dinging those pages way down in the search results or deli sting the pages altogether.

How To Find Out If An SEO Service Is a Rip Off Or Not Even big brands get burned by black hat best seo company in india SEO: Major retailer J.C. Penney got caught in a black hat SEO nightmare after the holiday shopping season, when Google found that the company’s SEO firm had used a link buying scheme (paying to place links on hundreds of spammy websites unrelated to the targeted J. C Penney page) to help the retailer achieve top rankings for dozens broad product terms. Once Google caught on to the scam, it started hammering J.C. Penney’s rankings.

In just over one week, the average position for a J.C. Penney web page for search terms dropped from. to, according to a New York Times report. The best way to avoid falling victim to black hat SEO is to ask your current or potential SEO vendors if they use any of these seo services india common black hat tactics. If they try to talk you into doorway pages, link buying schemes, or other black hat practices, take your business elsewhere! How To Find Out If An SEO Service Is a Rip Off Or Not Sign.

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Targeting the Wrong Keywords Any SEO firm can come up with a huge new list of keywords as part of their SEO contract services. But in some cases, you’re paying for a bad list. Not every keyword that’s relevant to your products or services is appropriate for your SEO campaign. For example, if you’re in a crowded space, like office furniture or accounting, you’re going to have a hard time competing for top rankings for broad, one and two word phrases like “office furniture” or “accounting.” Instead, your SEO firm should help you target long tail phrases– longer strings of keywords that are more specific and descriptive see more than broad category terms.